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Laurie  Co-founder

lead investigtor-central coast


Currently living in the Central Coast area of California. I am a 21 year resident and originally came from So. Calif. I've ALWAYS been interested in the paranormal and have been seeking the truth for as long as I can remember. While other teenage girls were reading Nancy Drew Mysteries, I was reading books on spirits and hauntings.
After suffering a very personal loss 5 years ago, and experiencing a paranormal event personally, I renewed my quest to find the truth.  This involves actively investigating places of interest using scientific tools and methods. Over the last few years,  I have been aided by some wonderful people who are currently acting as my mentors.  They have provided much useful information and guide my studies, always encouraging my continued path of education in this amazing field.
I am proud to be a part of the PROS CAL Team and a member of the PROS Family.  My goal is to learn everything possible about the 'other side' and to help others find the truth that so many are seeking. So, with open eyes, an open mind, and a team of experienced investigators, I venture forth!!!!

Martha Co-founder

Lead investigtor-north central valley


I am living in the central valley of California; I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid, started with hearing my name being called to seeing white and black streaks to having numerous experiences throughout my life.   Over the last years, I have study the paranormal to further my understanding of the paranormal and to find out why I have been have these experiences.  Studying under PROSinvestigations, I have become an EVP technician and will soon be studying parapsychology.   I do live mini-invests with my on the live invest to watch or for info on upcoming major live invests.

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