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Natural stones or gems that are said to be under strong astrological influence. In medieval times they were believed to assist magical powers.


Ganzfeld stimulation:

A parapsychology technique developed in the 1970s to provide a low-stimulus environment, in order to improve ESP receptivity.


Geller, Uri:

Israeli psychic well-known for spoon-bending performances. Following a successful entertainment career in the 1970s, Geller's tricks were widely debunked.



A Kabbalistic system of uncovering hidden meaning in text by using letters and numbers.



In the Gnostic hierarchy, the rank of Angels. In Arabic lore, the jinx.



An apparition of a deceased person.



An evil spirit, especially one that haunts graveyards and feeds on corpses.



A sacred site in England, said to be one of the oldest in Britain.


Glastonbury Scripts:

A series of manuscripts written between 1907 and 1912 using automatic writing. The scripts were produced under the guidance of architect Frederick Bligh and relate to the restoration of Glastonbury Abbey.


Glastonbury zodiac:

A 15km-wide circular earth zodiac in England, centred around Butleigh with Glastonbury Tor at the northwest.



Speech which is apparently meaningless gibberish, but which some interpret as meaningful or divine, for example, the Christian practice of "speaking in tongues".



A type of nature spirit said to live in caves and or mountain habitats.



Derived from the Greek word gnosis, meaning knowledge. A religious movement in the Mediterranean between the first century BC and third century AD.



Relating to a kind of magic concerned with evoking evil spirits and compelling them to serve humans.



A book of magic; a document detailing the names of demons, with instructions on how to raise and control them.


Gurdjieff, George Ivanovich:

(1872-1949) Founder of the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man. Gurdjieff taught that people live in a state analogous to sleep, and must "reawaken" themselves to achieve true self-awareness and enlightenment.

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