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An object believed to bring the owner protection, good health and fortune.


Tarot Cards:

A deck of playing cards used for divination.



A legendary creature said to inhabit the Welsh Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake).



The act of moving objects using only the power of the mind.



The communication of thoughts or information between minds without using any conventional means,

i.e. with the power of the mind alone.



The act of transporting a solid object or living being instantly from one location to another.



A term applied to a range of mystical philosophies. The word is derived from the Greek theos (God) andsophia (wisdom).


Third eye:

Associated with the human pineal gland, said to be the mystical center of the body and the focus for meditation.



Greek name for the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic.



A magical bird from Native American folklore.



A mental state in which a person becomes unresponsive to outside stimulus and instead focuses inward or

on some other experience.


True believer syndrome:

A term used to describe a person's insistence on believing something that has been unequivocally disproven.

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