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Paso Robles Inn 2




Paso Robles is a great place full of history, culture and spirits... the both kind wine and ghosts.  Once we heard about the Paso Robles Inn being possibly haunted, we had to go!  The Story is that there was a fire in the 1940's that took out the whole hotel only leaving the ballroom building.  During the fire the front desk clerk died of a heart attack trying to save the hotel guests.  Reports are that 1007 phone rings the front desk when the room isn’t occupied and even has called calling 911; believing that this could be the clerk calling.  Since then, the phone system has been changed and the calls have stopped.  Other reports are that people are seeing two spirits in the ballroom building, a spirit of a little girl and a woman in period dress and then the hallway being creepy.  We stayed in the ballroom building off what they call the creepy hallway. The first impression we got was the feel of history you got when you walked into the building.  The ballroom had no sense of paranormal feeling, but one of us did have a sense of being drawn to the back storage room. The upstairs going into the creepy hallway did feel very creepy, it was very disorienting and you felt dizzy.  We tried walking into the hallway several times with the same effect.  We decided to walk in without looking down the hallway, only looking at the floor and no effect at all.  Once we looked up the effect happened again.  We concluded that is could be a funhouse effect of the hallway- an optical illusion.  Other than that the hallway felt normal.  We sat up some trigger objects with no effect except for the Ghostlight coming on once.  We ventured down the backstairs that lead to the basement.  The stairway did have a heavy-stagnant feel with the basement being very eerie, but we were not allowed in the basement so we could not investigate.  Walking down the stairs we had a need to fall to the right, we thought this was settling of the building with the stair being tilted.  To prove this we walked up the stairs only to have the same feeling of falling to the right.  We found this strange that we would fall to the right going up and down the stairs.  During the invest we saw no apparitions of the little girl or woman.  That night while we slept, voices could be heard, murmured conversation like someone was in the hallway.  We ignored it, since being in a hotel you usually hear other guests. Upon wakening, we realized that we couldn’t hear anything like you would in a hotel; so we wondered about the murmured conversation we heard.  The night was uneasy for half of us with... restless sleep with images of faces rushing in our minds. 

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