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The Witches' Sabbath, said to have been a weekly midnight convention attended by warlocks and demons.



One of the "doorways" marking the start of the Celtic year.



AKA Bigfoot, A legendary creature resembling a large hairy human, said to inhabit the wilderness of the

northwestern United States and western Canada.



In Judeo-Christian belief, the personification of evil. Said to be a fallen angel, and usually used

synonymously withThe Devil.



The worship of Satan.



A system of knowledge and understanding in which the objective world is represented by theories and models.



A method of divination using a crystal ball or similar object.



A gathering of people with the purpose of experiencing supernatural phenomena, usually involving

contact with the dead. Shroud of Turin: An ancient strip of cloth marked with bloodstains and what

appears to be the i mage of a man. Believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.



Another term for seance.



A philosophical position in which a person seeks answers based on evidence rather than doctrine or

pre-conceived beliefs.


South Atlantic Anomaly:

One of the 12 Vile Vortices, a region of intense radiation caused by a dip in the Earth's magnetic field over

the lower coast of Brazil.



A belief system based upon communication with spirits of the dead.


Spontaneous human combustion:

A phenomenon where in a living human body allegedly catches fire as the result of intense internal heat.


Star sign:

In astrology, the sign of the zodiac assigned to a person based upon the position of the Sun at the time of their birth.


Steiner, Rudolf:

(1861-1925) Austrian philosopher and educator, developer of a social philosophy known asanthroposophy.



Wounds to the hands, feet, chest, head or shoulders said to resemble the wounds suffered by Jesus Christ

in the crucifixion.



A prehistoric stone monument located 13 kilometres (8 miles) north of Salisbury, England.



Sweden's most famous lake monster.



A female incubus.


Swedenborg, Emanuel: 

(1688-1772)Swedish scientist, theosophist and mystic.

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