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Lake Champlain Monster:

Commonly known as "Champ", a legendary monster said to inhabit Lake Champlain.



Legendary lost continent of the Indian Ocean, rumoured to be the original Garden of Eden.



In Irish mythology, an elf-like creature around 1 metre tall.


Leviathan (1):

A sea monster referred to in the Old Testament (Psalms 74:13-14; Job 41; Isaiah 27:1).


Leviathan (2):

A political philosophy book by Thomas Hobbes, published in 1651. The full title is "Leviathan or the matter,

forme and power of a common-wealth ecclesiasticall and civill".



The raising of a body into the air without physical aid.


Ley lines:

Patterns and alignments of invisible energy said to connect various sacred locations, e.g. churches,

stone circles, burial grounds, etc.


Loch Ness Monster:

A legendary creature said to inhabit the Scottish lake, Loch Ness.



The name of Satan before his fall from Heaven.



In folklore, the ability of a person to change into animal form. In psychiatry, the delusion of having been transformed

into an animal.

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