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We arrived at the lodge at approx. 4:30 pm to set up equipment and take baseline readings.  All readings were recorded. After set up, we began investigation of the lodge room.  During our investigation,  the Ghost light came on a few times and a Cipher light was also activated.  There were temperature fluctuations on some of the officer chairs, one in particular, the Chaplin’s chair.  Our TLD100’s both seemed to malfunction at the same time during the investigation,  and were later found to have been reset to a lower variation setting.  Up until that time, they were working properly. We conducted a ‘mock’ ceremony with one of our lodge officers in the hopes of triggering the ‘Singapore Effect’.  There was an anomaly during her performance, but no solid evidence of what it could have been.  We recreated an event of a shadow on the door from our previous investigation,, in which we had no idea who or what it could have been, but upon recreation, we found the wood grain pattern on the door could have caused the paraedolia effect of a shadow person. We were able, however, to capture many EVP’s during our investigation and some interesting IRC results.  We hope to get back to the lodge again to clarify some of the EVP responses and continue our ongoing investigation of this wonderful old building.

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