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A broad term with many varying definitions. In short, any art which seeks to influence the physical world through

the use of supernatural phenomena.


Magic square:

A square array of numbers in which the sum of each row, column and diagonal is the same. In some ancient


thought to have magical powers.



A person who practices some form of magic. In popular culture a magician is an entertainer, although this type of

magician is more properly referred to as an illusionist.



A master of esoteric knowledge, a guru.



"Evil happenings", misfortunes and catastrophes with no obvious earthly cause, attributed to the influence of

witchcraft, evil spirits, etc.


Malleus Maleficarum:

Latin for "Hammer Against Witches", a medieval text written by Dominican friars Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich

Kramer, and published in 1486.



Demon mentioned in the New Testament (Matthew, 6,4). Has come to be known as the demon of money, or

the demon of love of money.



In Buddhism and Hinduism, a symbolic diagram of the universe used for ritual purposes.



A prehistoric cryptid that reportedly lived in the Amazon rain forests of South America.



The appearance of objects or living beings from thin air. A popular trick at seances in the late 19th and early 20th century.



A person who is said to have the ability to communicate with the dead.


Men in black:

A phenomena associated with UFO sightings, in which men dressed in black appear. It is claimed that these men

assist in cover-ups and discourage witnesses from speaking publicly. This phenomena was made famous in the

"Men in Black" movies.



Legendary sorcerer and counselor of Uther Pendragon and his son King Arthur.


Mesmer, Franz Anton:

(1734-1815) An Austrian physician who believed that the human nervous system is magnetised. He developed a

therapeutic regime based on restoring magnetic balance. His technique of slowly waving his hands or a magnetic

wand in front of a patient led to the the term "mesmerised".



A lake monster said to inhabit the swamps in the Republic of the Congo and central Africa.



A natural satellite of a planet. "The Moon" is the official name of Earth's only natural satellite. The Moon is a

common and powerful force in many systems of belief and folklore.



A creature reportedly sighted numerous times in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA, between November 1966 and

November 1967. Mothman was said to be a man-sized creature with wings and large reflective or luminous eyes.


Mystery helicopters:

Unmarked helicopters, often coloured black, which have been reported flying near the scenes of unusual paranormal

activity (e.g. cattle mutilations, UFO sightings).



The accumulated collection of myths, folklore, legends and ancient stories from a given culture.

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