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A broad term used to describe a large variety of supernatural creatures. Most fairy folklore originated in Britain,

Ireland and Europe.



An Indian holy man who lives by begging and is said to possess magical powers.



In English witchcraft, spirits in the service of witches or magicians. Usually visible as, for example, a cat or dog.


Fan death:

The belief that sleeping in a closed room with a running electric fan can cause death.



The act of casting a spell or throwing the evil eye on a person.


Feng shui:

Chinese study of hidden forces and currents thought to be present in the earthly environment.



An object used to represent and create a bond with the spirit world. Common fetish objects include

dolls, stones, animal teeth and claws.



A spiritual community founded in 1962, in northern Scotland. The community garden was said to produce

superior crops due to supernatural assistance.


Flying rods:

A phenomena in which mysterious rod-shaped objects appear in video footage or photographs.


Forer effect:

The tendency of people to interpret statements about personality traits as being accurate for them

personally, even when they are not.


Fortean phenomena:

An umbrella term to describe any paranormal phenomena. Named after researcher Charles Fort (1874-1932)

who spent much of his life cataloguing such phenomena.

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