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Webber, Deb:

Well-known Australian psychic/medium.



A man who transforms into a wolf at night to feed on other humans.



A religion or system of principles, based upon interaction with nature and the performing of rites rooted

in ancient pagan practices.



A term used in so many varied ways that a common definition is not possible. In medieval times it was said

to be an art involving Satan worship and evil deeds, although this description comes from unsympathetic

sources. Modern descriptions include following the Wiccan Religion, mystical ritual activities,

earth-worship, good or evil sorcery.



During the witchhunts of the 16th and 17th centuries, a person hired to locate and identify witches. Since a fee

was usually paid for finding a witch, impartiality was far from guaranteed.



People or ideas promoting unproven or pseudoscientific phenomena.



AKA wuduwasa, a mythical creature similar to Bigfoot said to have lived in the forests of medieval Europe.

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