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Palladino, Eusapia:

(1854-1918) A well-known Italian spiritualist.



A method of observing the characteristics of a person's hand to understand their personality. Some palmists also

claim that future events can be predicted by hand-reading.



Events or abilities outside the range of normal experience that remain unexplained by established science.

paranormal photography: The endeavor of collecting physical evidence of the paranormal in the form of photographs.



The study of the human mind's ability to perform paranormal feats, e.g. ESP, telekinesis, etc.


Passing bell:

A bell rung in church when a person is near death, in order to frighten away evil spirits who might try to take the

departing soul.


Philosopher's stone:

In alchemy, a stone or substance which can transmute base metals into gold.



The study of the elevations and depressions of the skull, based on the belief that they indicate a person's character

and mental capacity.



A triangular pointing instrument used with a ouija board in seances.



A mischievous ghost or entity that makes noises and upsets physical belongings.



A condition in which a person is said to be under the control of a spirit, demon or other external force. The

cure is exorcism.



The ability to foresee the future.



A warning of a future event, typically an accident or disaster. Premonitions are often reported as an intense

feeling of foreboding or dread.



A method of identifying witches during the witch hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries, in which the suspect was

jabbed with a sharp object. If they showed no pain they were considered to be a witch.


Project Alpha:

A hoax run from 1979 to 1983 in which two young magicians convinced a university research laboratory that

they had supernatural powers.






A vision or revelation of the future. Religious prophets are people chosen to spread a divine message.



Any type of research or conclusion that has the initial appearance of science, but fails to meet the criteria for

scientific validity.



A term used to describe a range of paranormal abilities and phenomena, e.g. ESP, telekinesis, etc.



A person who allegedly has paranormal abilities of the psyche, e.g. ESP, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, etc.



The influence of the mind over the physical world, e.g. telekinesis (moving objects with the mind).



The art of sensing the history of an object by touch and psychic perception.



A shape which is sometimes said to possess supernatural properties.



A form of divination using fire.

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